Talk语学院 | improving my English skills.
by Daisy

A pleasant morning to all, thank you for gathering here today to witness our graduation ceremony. 
I am Daisy from Korea. I have stayed here for almost three months. Although 3 months is a very short period, 
I have experienced a lot of situations such as moving to Yangco, encountering two typhoons and of course, improving my English skills.


When I arrived in Baguio at the end of August, it was very difficult because I was not familiar with the humid weather and at that time, I had few friends. 
Also, studying IELTS is quite challenging than I expected. 
Every day, we should take an exam for one hour and memorize over 40 vocabularies so we could not go outside during weekdays. 
However, I think these things and my teachers made my scores higher than before. 
Moreover, I did not only get better English skills, but it was also a chance for me to understand other countries’ cultures.

I can not forget the friends whom I have met during our stay at this academy because I have a lot of memories with them.

Thanks to my teachers, my friends, office staffs, and the school personnel who helped us live comfortably. 
I will forever be grateful to you and I will not forget this whole experience