Blue Ocean 语学院 | 蒙古演员 Enkhjin Tsogoo的英语游学记




Many of us have role models in our lives, and most  people’s role models are famous actresses or celebrities. 

Actually; in my case, that role model is my mother. Her  name is Munkhzul. She works as a tax inspector,

and she  has one younger sister. She was raised by her father  because my grandmother was studying in her university— 

my grandfather has been waiting for her since they  married. My mother had a lot of bad experience while she  was growing up.


After all, she always moves on until today.  She is the bravest person I have ever seen, and I have ever  met.

She is intelligent, clever, and gorgeous. She is  victorious in life. Furthermore, my mother is very patient. 

Whatever happens, she endures or ignores those things.  My mom is the most honest person; she never lies to me. 

Whenever I see her, the smile on her eyes are sparkling  and shining.

She is very optimistic she thinks mostly  about the positive side of things. She always cheers up  whatever happens.