Blue Ocean 语学院 | 蒙古Sabrina Chinbolor的游学记




I would like talk about my daily routine

First, we have to wake up early then organize our bed sheets and blankets, and brush our teeth and have a good breakfast. After breakfast, we have to go to our first class, and we should not be late! On the first day, we have to introduce ourselves face to face. We have lunch from 12:00 to 1:20(Bridging time). Next, we’ll have more classes. We also have one self-study class from 8:00~10:00. Actually, we may choose whether we would like to have our self-study or spend those ours for our free time. At 6:00~7:00 in the evening, we eat dinner and the food is really delicious. Also the kitchen staffs are very friendly. The laundry service is also good, so I am always satisfied. I am always on top of the world. Another thing is that the room service is terrific. Probably, I will miss this academy so much. The teachers are teaching very well.